Service + Maintenance = Safety..

Appliance and Chimney care are important to ensure the continuing efficiency, fuel economy and above all, safety of your heat source whether it be solid fuel or gas. 


In line with the manufacturers recommendations, we advise you have your appliance serviced annually. Please get in touch to book this service. 

Stove/Chimney Maintenance..

The build up of deposits depends on the construction and type of chimney, the quality of the fuel and how often the stove/fire is used.


We recommend regular chimney sweeping (at least once a year) as it is benefical to the efficiency of your stove/fire. Tar, soot and deposits in a chimney may reduce the draw. This will make the stove run poorly as it will become more difficult to light and burn less efficiently. Most importantly, keeping your chimney clear reduces the risk of chimney fires.


Our stove maintenance service includes cleaning the stove, sweeping the chimney and a safety check ensuring the stove is functioning safely and efficiently.





Gas Fire Servicing..

Gas appliances should be serviced regularly to ensure that the appliance is still operating efficiently and safely and to the standard requirement of Gas Regulations which recommend a yearly service is carried out.


Manufacturers also recommend annual servicing and will almost certainly form part of their guarantee. 

Since 2007 details of maintenance and repair work on gas and solid fuel appliances has formed part of the home buyers pack.


There is a Service Option availabe for every gas fire we install.