Other Services..

Chimney Pots - Bird Guards - Cowls

Red Hot Fireplace Installations can also supply and install chimney pots and owls. We have chimney pots and cowls to suit every need whether its for Gas, Solid Fuel or simply capping un-used chimneys to prevent heat loss out of the chimney.


For safety reasons, it is important to have the correct Chimney Pot, Cowl or Terminal fitted to your chimney top, suitable for the appliance installed.

New Gas Runs


If there is an existing appliance, it is likely there will be a gas point close enough to connect your gas fire to. 


Some gas installations may not have gas at the point where the gas fire is to be installed, especially with Balanced Flue and Power Flue or where a chimney is not present. If this is the case, we can find a route from else where that will be most convenient and cost effective.



Log Stores

We can supply and build somewhere for you to store your logs and fire wood.


Log Stores come in all shapes and sizes and we can even have them made to measure.